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Independently of your energy aspirations, vision and ambition – our specialists can provide technical, financial and organizational solutions to fulfill your goals. Whatever your question is we have the answer.

What are the technical possibilities? What level of investments is needed? How do we finance those investments? Which subsidies are available? Who can provide knowledge base and guide through the processes in each specific field? Which part of the process can we manage on our own and which part is better off in professional hands? Which rules do we have to comply with and what are the tax options along the way? How do we take care of the operational part? Is there a chance for us to set up our own energy company?


At Sun Energy, there are answers to those questions.


For our clients and partners we will develop full tailored solution based on nine key aspects of the project:

  • Vision and ambition
  • Feasibility and subsidies
  • Choice of concept
  • Development
  • Investment
  • Construction and installation
  • Purchase of energy
  • Maintenance and management
  • Billing


Vision and ambition

First step is to see what your main goals are: increasing energy efficiency, CO2 reduction, achieving energy neutrality, improving the quality of service... or something else. What are your priorities and what in house capacity have you got already to achieve these goals? Together we can help you clearly define your vision and ambitions too.



Feasibility and subsidies

Few key factors for success of a project are feasibility, technology available and the environment in which the goals should be achieved. Based on our current international experience we can produce the most suitable proposals and solutions. Feasibility of a project is greatly enhanced by an available subsidy.



Choice of concept

In the world of renewable and energy efficient systems there are numerous technical, financial and organizational possibilities. Ultimately every concept has its own specific financial performance and pre-requirements for successful application. At Sun Energy we are familiar with (almost) all configurations and we are able to select an optimal solution which fits in the required financial framework. All our concept proposals are backed up by a solid business case in order to maximize feasibility of your project.




After a concept is chose we translate it into a "Wish-list program". This is in turn translated into technical and financial requirements in order to allow us to start negotiations to attract the best bidder to carry out the project. Successful completion of these steps is essential for later care-free use of the system.




The development itself also depends on the level of gross investments. The net investments, necessary for completion of the project are determined based on possibility to involve other investors, subsidies or availability of other green investment sources.



Construction and installation

Construction and installation of energy systems powered by renewable sources is not as simple as it may look. Many developers and installation companies struggle to adjust the installation to specific operational requirements and optimization goals. A good supervision by experienced team during the installation overcomes unplanned costs or installation problems. This in turn pays back through more efficient future operation and use of the system.


Purchase of energy

The difference between energy purchased and energy sold is the most important parameter determining success of the project. For optimal results we always look for ways to improve our system with new technologies, smart buying or other organizational possibilities.


Maintenance and management

Building is a major cost factor, but maintenance and management are equally important. The development is determining maintenance and management costs. During the use of the system we can make new choices and improve the system. New technological developments which can positively affect the system can be implemented to further improve the energy efficiency. This may also lead to change in the way costs can be invoiced or switch off users who do not want to be included.




How to invoice, when and how to get to know the users better? How to organize administration and financial departments for optimal results? What if a client has a question or wants to move? How to make users familiar with the entire system? These and many other questions can be answered by Sun from our long operational experience in international environment.


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