Our mission

ZON Energie Group

ZON Energy Group is a unique company on the global level. Its service range, combined with experience and financial capability offers a variety of solutions using sustainable energy sources. We aim to materialize every possible sustainable initiative in real estate, in line with wishes of our clients and partners. We do this by investing, developing, executing and managing such systems. Since 2006 we have been doing this in ZON but the founders were in this business for over a decade before the company was established.


Thanks to 'Flexible Opportunity System' we can provide our clients with custom made solutions. We are flexible, but never at the expense of quality. It is also possible just to make use of our specific knowledge and expertise. Or maybe you want to have your own sustainable energy systems but would rather not develop it? No problem!


At ZON Energy Group, we make everything possible. This way we bring sustainable energy within everyone’s reach!


ZON Energy Group is characterized by a no-nonsense mentality. We will not rest before we achieve the best results without giving in on our high service standards. Besides that, we are a 100% independent operating company. We are able to offer each customer quick, efficient and custom made sustainable energy systems! These qualities are invaluable for reaching our goals.