Enthousiastic professionals

John Braakman Director


Translating ideas and ambitions into sustainable energy projects, that is the challenge of the directing owner and project developer John Braakman.


Initiate projects, controlling ZON Energie in Holland and controlling SUN Energy International in east Europe make Johns job interesting and alternately. Turning a idea into a final concept and operating that final result, his appearance as advisor and/or specialist in the terms of financial, organization and technical. ZON Energie has found his place in the energy market as a serious innovative company.


"I knew the tricks of working at a energy company after 10 years working for consultants and big Dutch energy companies like 'NUON' en 'ENECO energie'. The combination of this experience and the opportunities in the energy market made me decide in 2006 to start an independent development company."


In the mean time has ZON Energie grow into a appreciated and respected player in the new market of sustainable energy in the Netherlands and outside the Netherlands.


"Between competition of the big energy companies, banks and installation companies, I started my own act and it still feels like a good choice. Now our clients and other parties can profit from our network of specific knowledge and experience."

Jose Braakman Director


Indeed, the partner of John and co-director, Jose has a background as a agricultural engineer and further educated in finance and marketing and completed Nijenrode Energy MBA. 
Always learning, full of passion and backbone of the company and responsible for all the internal affairs. Jose is responsible for the financial administration of the entire company, human resources, marketing and communication for ZON and SUN, and responsible for technical, adminstrative and financial management of the sustainable energy users. Support the staff the broadest sense of the word. 
"I think its import to be part of our own company full of passion and curiosity. I have got the knowledge of the market by being part of the company. My goal is to build sustainable projects which match in quality and result. Achieving this gives me satisfaction, also a form of sustainable energy! Not one day and not one project is the same at ZON Energie."

Cervus Sevinga Projectmanager sustainable energy
In the fifteen years that Cervus is involved in the sustainable energy business he has build and developed a lot of sustainable energy projects. In 2008 he continued his career as project manager at ZON Energie: realisation and integration of sustainable energy systems in new- and existing buildings in- and outside the Netherlands. 
Cervus does not only develop energy systems but he also develops himself. For instance he currently follows HBO business studies at the HVA in Amsterdam. 
''I think it’s a interesting challenge to bring each and every project to a sustainable end and while doing this to guide all the involved parties to a good end. It gives a good feeling that I'am helping making the world a bit better everyday.''  



Nenad Mitosevic Director SUN Energy Balkan


During last ten years, I was involved in aiding companies and individuals grow their businesses in Serbia and internationally. My business administration education and long experience of living and working in different countries and cultures made this possible. From a position of an advisor, active observer and influencer I saw business develop in most interesting and challenging environments. The more you do, the more you become aware of your own possibilities and opportunities.


That is the seed of my own desire to "walk the walk" of the entrepreneurship. In last few years, I started developing passion for renewable energy and energy efficiency and that is where my interest matched ambitions of ZON Energie Group to grow internationally. This growth is to come through Sun Energy Balkan. For me it was important that not only our goals match, but also the approach, philosophy and values. Things like that make any partnership easier.


"I was always led by the idea that one person can make the difference. One can achieve this by doing his best to improve his immediate surroundings within own range. When your range is renewable energy, energy efficiency and you also involve people – the difference you can make is huge and measurable. It also feels great to be part of a sustainable business model which leads towards cleaner and healthier future for generations to come."

Hans Burgering Technical manager
Hans has more than 20 year experience in the installation world and in the last 10 years he specialised in the sustainable installations. He worked on major projects like the solar panels at Artis and the 2 megawatt project in Haarlem. 
Hans is at ZON Energie responsible for the management, optimisation and maintenance at previously completed installations. Hans has the practical knowledge of the sustainable systems - so he is also the handyman of the company. 
''Sustainable technology is interesting, challenging and necessary. However the performance of the new renewable systems go hand in hand with control technology. I think it’s a challenge to get the installations run as efficiently as possible."
Bart Koenis Financial controler


Bart is a real Dutchman with an excellent sense of numbers. After his training Economics he start working in the construction and contracting industry, where he worked as a (financial) controler of projects.


Bart started in the companie of ZON Energie as financial controller, to contribute to the further professionalisation of the financially organisation. His activities include funding applications, forecasting, reporting, and take care of the collection of heat and cold of households and other users.



Gerard Bruijnse Projectmanager sustainable energy


Gerard has more than 20 years management experience in medium-sized installations. This luggage is almost essential to develop renewable energy projects and to achieve optimal.


Gerard works closely with the selected mechanical engineers, consultants and / or installers. He also teaches courses in the engineering sector.


"I see a project as a great technical puzzle. Wonderful to make this puzzle with innovative technologies, smart applications and plain common sense, to find viable and sustainable projects."

Koos Gieling In memoriam


"What does not live is timeless

What lives is temporary "